Capella Auto will be Alfa Romeo’s distributor in Singapore

By jaytee, 14 March 2023

Capella Auto will be Alfa Romeo’s distributor in Singapore

Singapore - There’s a new Alfa dealer in town. In the wake of EuroAutomobile relinquishing the distributorship of Alfa Romeos and closing their showroom at Leng See Autopoint, Komoco Motors Pte Ltd has now stepped up to take the reins under a new subsidiary, Capella Auto Pte Ltd.

We first heard of Komoco Holdings’ involvement earlier last year when EuroSports Global announced its intention to let go of its sole distributorship rights after failing to achieve commercial viability due to market conditions.

At present, EuroSports Global still has the distributorship rights to Lamborghini, which is reportedly a far more lucrative venture for the group.

With the new Alfa Romeo distributorship rights being held by Capella Auto, Komoco now has another Stellantis marque under its belt, along with Maserati and Jeep.

It’s also worth noting that Komoco also holds the rights to import and distribute Ferraris under Ital Auto Pte Ltd.

However, the changing of the guard from EuroAutomobile to Capella Auto wouldn't be detrimental to existing owners.

Capella Auto is allowing current Alfa Romeo owners to register their vehicles with them to keep owners up to date with the latest news and explore ways they can better service Alfa owners in future.

So, if you’ve got an Alfa, perhaps you’d like to CLICK THESE BLUE WORDS to register your vehicle.

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