DS will be an all-electric brand by 2024

By topgear, 03 September 2021

Big news in the electric car world. Or should that just be ‘the world’ these days? Anyway, posh French brand DS has announced that it will only build EVs from 2024 onwards. For those who’ve forgotten what year it is (we wouldn’t blame you), that’s less than three away. Crikey.

Has there ever been a manufacturer more suited to electrification, though? DS describes itself as an ‘avant-garde premium brand from Stellantis’ and surely silent powertrains will help its pursuit of luxury.

It has also been heavily involved in Formula E – winning back to back titles in 2018/19 and 2019/20. It recently committed its future in the sport until 2026 too, and has begun developing ‘an even more powerful and efficient single seater’. 

Apparently from 2024 there will be a fully electric version of the DS 4 pictured above, and a new design based on Stellantis’ STLA MEDIUM platform that’ll house a 104kWh battery for over 400 miles of range. Sounds promising (if a little shouty), doesn’t it?

STORY Greg Potts

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