Here's a sneaky glimpse of the Kia EV6 electric car

By topgear, 10 March 2021

This, girls and boys, is our first look at the Kia EV6. It is an electric car with some crossover vibes, which won’t make it in the least bit unique.

Good job it’s channelling some Stinger styling touches to ensure it’ll stand out from the crowd, then.

If someone popped some coins in the meter and turned on the lights, we reckon it’d look cracking.

It’s a big deal, too. It’s the first electric Kia to sit on the new E-GMP platform, which we’re sincerely hoping you’re not pronouncing e-gimp in your head. We’re not. Honest…

It also introduces a new naming strategy for Kia’s electric cars, one which looks a little… dull.

“All of Kia’s new dedicated BEVs will start with the prefix ‘EV’ which makes it easy for consumers to understand which of Kia’s products are fully electric,” Kia explains, as if it needed to. “This is followed by a number which corresponds to the car’s position in the line-up.” Yup.

Kia’s not alone in rationalising its names as EVs arrive. Hyundai’s doing similar and while the delightful Honda e is cute as heck, it doesn’t have an interesting name.

Jazz and Civic may not be the most exciting names in the world, but at least they’re rich in heritage after yonks on the market.

Surely naming electric cars like electric appliances won’t help sell them to die-hard petrolheads. Maybe that’s the point. Or are we overthinking it?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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