Is the Maserati MC20 better with a bit of colour?

By topgear, 11 October 2020

It’s fair to say reaction to the Maserati MC20 – it’s styling, in particular – has been mixed. “I don’t care how fast this thing is. I don’t care about the power or what it can do on a track. This is just a thing of beauty,” said one commenter. “As a Maser fan, I find this really generic,” said another.

But back then we’d only seen it in white. A colour that either makes something look cool, new and fresh… or a bit cold and standoffish. Depending on your standpoint, of course.

Maserati’s sensibly whipped out the (virtual) paint tins and given it a couple more colour schemes, though, and they’re both straight out of the ‘How to build an Italian supercar’ handbook.

So we have the MC20 in yellow and red. Or, to be more precise, Giallo Genio and Rosso Vincente. Because Italy.

Beneath both hues lies the rest of the MC20: a 630hp V6 biturbo for now, a 700hp+ EV later.

What do you reckon? Do its fancy new colours help its cause?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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