Jaguar’s new E-Pace sets the pace in Singapore

By jaytee, 18 May 2021

Singapore – The smallest SUV in Jaguar’s line-up has seen a refresh, hitting Singapore’s showrooms with a new range of powertrains, including the smallest engine ever fitted to a Jaguar.

At launch, the new Jaguar E-Pace will only be offered with a brand new turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder that produces 160hp. The new three-pot sees the addition of a 48V mild-hybrid system, and is based on the Ingenium family of engines that has seen numerous uses in other cars within the JLR umbrella.

Wearnes Automotive will offer their standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engines and a PHEV variant of the 1.5-litre on an indent basis. The 2.0-litre engines are all available with all-wheel-drive as standard, with power outputs of 200hp, 249hp and 300hp. However, it is the PHEV 1.5-litre that takes the cake in terms of raw power.

The P300e PHEV produces 309hp, which includes 200hp from the engine and 109hp from the rear-mounted Electric Rear Axle Drive (what Jaguar calls the ERAD) motor. 0-100km/h in the P300e is dealt with in 6.5 seconds, and the car decouples the electric motor when the driver exceeds speeds of 135km/h for less mechanical drag.

The P300e has 3 charging modes to juice up the battery pack: Fast charging with a 32kW DC charger takes as little as 30 minutes to charge up from 0 per cent to 80 percent, mode 3 charging with a 7kW charger takes under an hour and a half to hit 80 per cent from zero, and mode 2 with 2.3kW charging takes about 5 hours to get to 80 per cent.

Of course, the new engine isn’t the only trick up Jaguar’s sleeve. The new E-Pace sees an external refresh with all new LED headlamps, gloss black surrounds on the lower bumper vents, and Jaguar’s leaping cat embossed on the fender “vents” so road users will be reminded that you’re piloting a Jaaaaaaaag...

In the cabin, the steering wheel gets a complete redesign and the old centre stack has been completely binned in favour of the new curved 11.4-inch Pivi Pro infotainment system. All models now receive a fully digital gauge cluster and a redesigned gear selector.

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