Mac & Tease : McLaren Special Operations 720S 'Carbon Fibre Lightweight Pack'

By davidkhoo, 17 June 2020

Singapore – In the realm of super-sportscars, performance isn’t everything. Wait, what? Let’s back-track a little.

Performance IS everything, but in this segment, it’s a level playing field as far as paper stats are concerned. Why?

Because the theory of natural selection applies and you don’t get a seat in the rarefied realm of super-sportscars unless your candidate’s performance is already par for that course.

The other, arguably more important quality, is emotion. Or EQ. This ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ is an intangible essence that is hard to pin-down, and near-impossible to benchmark.

Have you seen the wallflower togged out in the latest designer wear but still looks awkward?

Well, that pretty much sums up what we’re talking about when we say paper stats aren’t everything if one lacks the emotional element.

In a nutshell, there isn’t a formulaic template one can easily adopt for super-sportscars. In this segment, it’s less about playing follow-the-leader, but more about forging ahead, being first and creating trends – in other words, setting the benchmark.

And this is exactly what McLaren did with the 720S when it made its 2018 debut. A close encounter with the 720S will bowl you over by the sheer aura of its striking, otherworldly looks and even more otherworldly performance.

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Gorgeous dihedral-opening doors and supremely rigid and lightweight 'Carbon Fibre Monocage II' aside, the ballistic biturbo 4.0-litre V8 at the heart of McLaren’s Super Series super-sportscar will hit warp speed to the tune of 720hp and a monumental 770Nm of torque. This was a super-sportscar that looked futuristic when it was launched some years ago, but still looks relevant and continues to turn-heads today.

If you ever felt the 720S needed a little more ‘motorsports’ chutzpah, it’s now possible to endow both Coupe and Spider with a racier presence and shed some pounds in the process, thanks to the 'Carbon Fibre Lightweight Pack'.

Factory aero-kits, especially from the skunkworks MSO (McLaren Special Operations) outfit, find favour among owners because quality, fit and finish are impeccable and the new elements complement rather than interfere with the original car’s aesthetics – critical if you want to avoid looking like a parts-bin special.

Weight is ever the enemy of dynamic performance and it is a more holistic approach to shed weight, instead of simply turning up engine output.

The 'Carbon Fibre Lightweight Pack’s' main items are the carbonfibre bonnet, Active Rear Spoiler and sports exhaust with appropriately sporty tips. The bonnet boasts a luscious exposed herringbone weave, but it isn’t just a pretty face, because it weighs just 3.5kg and is 20 per cent lighter than the standard bonnet – it is accompanied by beautiful air-intake inserts.

The carbonfibre rear spoiler adds visual fizz to the 720S’s already-dramatic looks, and it is 3.3kg lighter than the stock item. The condiments go nicely with the mains too, and include carbon mirror casings and rear fender air-intakes to complete the dishy McLaren. Give McLaren Singapore a buzz, they'll be happy to sort you out...

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