Tesla is now offering a Track Pack for the Model 3

By topgear, 07 March 2020

Often frequent track days in your Tesla? You’ll be wanting Elon’s latest option – the Model 3 Performance ‘Track Package’.

At US$5,500 in the US it certainly ain’t cheap, but for that you’ll get new 20-inch ‘Zero-G Performance’ wheels, a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres and high-performance brake pads all round. Exciting. 

The track pack can only be specced by those who’ve ticked the ‘Performance Upgrade’ box when originally ordering their Model 3, though. That’s the option which increases top speed from 230km/h to 260km/h whilst also bringing lower suspension, performance brakes, a carbonfibre spoiler and software known as Track Mode. 

Now though, an over the air update has also brought about Track Mode v2.0. Among other changes, v2.0 allows you to use sliding scales to select things such as how much stability assistance you’d like and where the power should be sent (with the option of 100 per cent at both the front and rear).

So, with the three-motor ‘Plaid’ system still in development, this is the most track-focused Tesla money can buy. What do you reckon, Internet?

STORY Greg Potts

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