Tesla’s former vice president of engineering now works for Rimac

By topgear, 24 July 2020

Big news in the world of EV manufacturers: Rimac Automobili has appointed Tesla’s former VP of engineering Chris Porritt as its new chief technology officer.

That’s a hefty title, but Porritt has the experience to fill the role having spent more than three decades in the industry. After beginning his career at Land Rover, Porritt moved to Aston Martin in 1997 and was chief engineer for the One-77 hypercar and V12 Vantage Zagato projects. Impressive.

Then, in 2013, Porritt relocated to Silicon Valley as he was made VP of engineering at Tesla. He now joins Rimac after a short stint with the special projects group at Apple. Presumably this is like an ex-Everton footballer signing for Liverpool. Yeah, we’re looking at you Abel Xavier. Or for a less niche football reference; it’s like if Lionel Messi were to sign for Real Madrid next week.

Rimac says that Porritt’s combined experience of supercar development and EV engineering makes him the perfect addition to the team as it continues testing the ferociously quick C_Two hypercar.

Oh, and Porritt apparently spends his spare weekends building and competing in vintage race cars, so he gets the TG seal of approval too.

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