The facelifted Audi RS4 Avant is here to scare your dogs

By topgear, 07 October 2019

Because you’re here reading Top Gear, you’ll be well aware of Audi’s penchant for a fast estate that can scare the Shih Tzu out of dogs and backseat passengers alike (not that we’d ever advocate scaring dogs of course – they’re the best – backseat passengers are another story).

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Anyway, above is the latest incarnation – the facelifted Audi RS4 Avant. 

The front end has been fully refreshed, according to Audi, although it doesn’t seem like the RS 4 has been on a spa day – not with that permo-angry face. It looks more like it’s been on a poorly-planned anger management course.

The new honeycomb grille and the thin vent above it bring the styling in line with its big brother, the RS 6 Avant, though.

Other visual changes include new LED lights at both ends and arches that are slightly more pronounced than before. For reference, they make the RS 4 30mm wider at both the front and rear compared to the standard A4 Avant. This is a good thing.

There’s also the loss of ‘Quattro’ on the front bumper, which many will be pleased about. Plus, Audi offers the option of deleting the RS badges in case you want to shock a few sportscars at a set of lights.

Under the skin things are pretty much as they were before. It means 450hp and 600Nm of torque from the twin-turbo V6 engine, which drives all four wheels with a 40:60 (front/rear) bias through an 8spd auto ‘box. 

0-100km/h is dispatched in 4.1secs and, if you spec the optional RS Dynamic package, top speed is 280km/h. There’s also a whole array of optional equipment to give the steering, suspension, exhaust and brakes a sportier feel, if you’re that way inclined. 

Whereas the mechanical bits might be the same, the interior does get an update. A new 10.1-inch display sits proudly from the dash and leans slightly towards the driver and there are new, RS-specific displays that provide information on tyre pressures, engine oil temperature, lap timings, acceleration measurements and g-forces. Nerdy. Nice.

So, that’s about it for what’s new. The RS 4 is only available in Avant form these days, of course, but would this update tempt you?

STORY Greg Potts

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