The Mercedes-AMG One is definitely, positively, 100 per cent coming in 2022

By topgear, 19 October 2021

Some news of the mad F1-tech Mercedes-AMG One. You might remember that at the end of last year we wrote this story, after Mercedes told us the car would arrive in 2021. Guess what? It won’t.

But it will arrive in 2022. Absolutely. Definitely. Guaranteed. The news from Mercedes is that this time there will be no more delays and owners are being notified that production will start in mid-2022.

Merc has yet to even confirm where the One will be built, but you’ve got to think the engines will be built at Brixworth – home of Mercedes F1's High Performance Powertrains unit. Final assembly? Will that be at AMG's home in Affalterbach, or will the F1 team have a crack at building a road car as well?

It still promises to be utterly bonkers, the 1.6-litre V6 boasting one turbocharger and four electric motors. One of those drives the turbocharger for zero lag, another sits between engine and crankcase (presumably to torque fill) and the final two 160bhp motors each take responsibility for powering a front wheel.

Total power is over 1,000bhp, there's a 350km/h+ top end and 0-200km/h takes less than six seconds. Which puts it ahead of that other hybrid monster we’ve driven recently, Ferrari’s SF90, which we timed to 200km/h in 6.7secs.

But that’s not the battle we’re interested in. So place your bets, what’s going to arrive first, this or Aston’s Valkyrie?

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