This Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is a 767bhp birthday present

By topgear, 29 March 2022

This Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is a 767bhp birthday present

Many happy returns AMG, 55 years old this year and still going giving Mercs more muscle. And to mark the occasion the Affalterbach firm has done exactly what you’d expect it to, revealing this Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series with a heap more power.

‘More power than what?’ you ask. Good question. The Track Series is based on the already quite rapid GT Black Series, upping output from the 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo engine from 720bhp to 767bhp, while torque climbs from 590lb ft to 627lb ft.

That makes it the most powerful customer sports car the company has ever built. Yikes.

Power is transmitted through a six-speed racing gearbox with an adjustable differential, with a carbon fibre torque tube giving a torsion-resistant connection to the engine. 

The bonnet, fenders, side sills, boot lid and rear bumper are all made from carbon fibre, with the strict lightweight diet (no internal padding or electric windows allowed, sorry convenience fans) letting AMG’s engineers to hit a kerb weight of 1,400kg.

Meanwhile the 18-inch wheels are milled and forged, and the front splitter has been custom designed for the GT Track Series to boost downforce.

Virtually everything else is adjustable so drivers can fine-tune their cars. Bilstein dampers? Adjustable. Anti-roll bars? Adjustable? Rear wing? Mechanically adjustable. ABS, brake beam, steering wheel and pedals? Don’t make us say it a fourth time.

"Everything on the GT Track Series is subordinated to the performance philosophy that has been the dominating theme in the conception of our cars since the founding of Mercedes-AMG 55 years ago,” says Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. “But we have even gone one step further, offering our customers not just an outstanding product with excellent performance and quality, but also a strictly limited special edition model."

Ah yes, AMG will only make 55 examples of the GT Track Series, one for every year of the company’s existence. It costs a mighty €369,000 (around £307,000) before VAT is applied, and - as you may have guessed - it isn’t road legal.

If you insist on driving home from your local circuit in a 700bhp+ AMG, there’s always the EQS

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