USA-only MSO McLaren 600LT Spider is a tribute to actual spiders

By topgear, 21 May 2020

Arachnophobes – look away now, for McLaren’s Special Operations arm has designed a car to give you the heebie-jeebies.

The 600LT Spider Segestria Borealis, of which MSO will build 12 examples for the US market, is inspired by the Segestria Florentina spider.

Nicknamed the ‘Spider Spider’, these 600LT Spiders will be the last LT Spiders McLaren sends Stateside.

All the normal cars are already sold, but at the time of writing, you can still buy a Spider Spider for the princely sum of US$275,000. Spider.

As with all of MSO’s creations, it’s all in the details. Napier Green highlights, brake calipers and web motifs (check out the spoiler) contrast against the Spider Spider’s Borealis Black bodywork, while inside there’s unique bright green stitching and yet more webs.

As for equipment, the Spider Spider gets the MSO Clubsport Pack as standard – giving lightweight seats, titanium wheel bolts and much carbon jewellery – as well as the top-spec Bowers & Wilkins stereo, rear-view camera and nose-lift.

The mechanicals are unchanged, which is just fine because the normal 600LT Spider is rather excellent.

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Cool or naff?

STORY Tom Harrison

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