Cars of the Year 2019 Intro : Shuffle Play [COTY2019]

We love leaving our Spotify playlist on ‘shuffle play’, because it lets you enjoy a huge variety of music. Classical, hip-hop, jazz, death-metal and pop appeal to us for different reasons and at different times, so we’d be hard-pressed to pick just one genre as the ‘best’.

Just like last year, eight cars have made it to our 2019 list, which ranges from the cheeky hyper-lemon Jimny all the way to the F8 Tributo. It’s quite telling that three of the eight cars this year are crossover/SUV types, including the all-electric Audi e-tron – which demonstrates how quickly the genre is overrunning the conservative establishment.

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We’ve never believed in having a single Car of the Year, because the notion is incomprehensible to us – it’s not a cop-out on our part, but with different genres, apples to pork chops, Bib Gourmand to street food, how do you even contend that one is better than the rest?

Instead, we adopt a more holistic ‘Cars of the Year – Singapore-Style’ format (as we’ve done for the past six-odd years) where we pick out the cars available for sale in Singapore in the qualifying year that we’ve driven and best connected with us emotionally, be it through performance, quirkiness or an eclectic mix of the two – of course, the most important quality is they must have some personality beyond A-to-B commuting.

Any petrolhead will appreciate that cars are emotional purchases (at least the cars that we’re thinking of) – if you think otherwise, you’re probably reading the wrong title.

We’re happy to do without the sagely beard-stroking, retail price caps and stressing over scoring cars off a mega checklist… Debates over kopi-o-kosong and Samy’s Curry are more fruitful than trying to turn something that should be great fun into a science.

Welcome to our 2019 Playlist!

1) Click HERE for the Audi e-tron

2) Click HERE for the Bentley Flying Spur

3) Click HERE for the BMW Z4 M40i

4) Click HERE for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

5) Click HERE for the Porsche 911 Carrera S

5) Click HERE for the Range Rover P400 Autobiography

7) Click HERE for the Suzuki Jimny

8) Click HERE for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra 

slackers spotted!
slackers spotted!

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