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New 100kW BYD ATTO 3. Category A COE-friendly EV for the masses

BYD’s best selling EV, the ATTO 3 - more “affordable” with lower powered 100kW variant.

The Black Arrow 12; the Rolls-Royce Wraith V12's grand finale

Dramatic limited-edition variant to signal the end of the V12 coupe. Cue tears and awe simultaneously

You can gaze upon Wiesmann's Project Thunderball at Salon Privé London next month

The long-awaited roadster finally greets us in the flesh for the first time on 20 April

Enjoy the view with the Kia EV5 Concept’s swivel seats

The chances of ‘em making production are virtually nil, but still… they’d make for a lovely picnic

TGS talks to Michael Leiters – CEO of McLaren Automotive : Woking Capital

We talk to Michael Leiters, the newly-minted CEO of McLaren Automotive.

911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition, a tribute to a kingdom’s colourful culture

A collectable limited run of 911 Carrera GTS models, with colours dreamed for each day of the week, created specially for buyers in Thailand