Here are five Fiat Topolinos wearing Mickey Mouse liveries

By topgear, 26 November 2023

Here are five Fiat Topolinos wearing Mickey Mouse liveries

Oh boy, this is going to be fun! Fiat has joined in with Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebrations by creating five one-off Topolinos wearing Mickey Mouse-inspired liveries.

Four of these are designed by Disney Creatives, while the fifth has been made in collaboration with Disney artist Giorgio Cavazzano. 

This continues an association that stretches back to the 1930s, since “Topolino” itself is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse, and was also the nickname given to the very first Fiat 500. 

Cavazzano’s design (image two) takes centre stage and combines an orange and red theme with a starburst of Mickeys. An enlarged purple sticker also sits right at the front of the electric quadricycle and covers the Topolino’s protruding bumper section. If you’ve got ears say cheers, right?

The historical theme is up next, and takes after the first-ever Disney short film called “Steamboat Willie”. This will be particularly heart-warming for fans since this same film is known for paving the way for synchronized sound in animation.

The fourth image in the gallery represents a modern theme, which covers the body in ‘M’ initials with enlarged Mickey faces painted along the sides in a shade of white and green. This is not to be confused with BMW’s M division, we must point out.

Then we have the abstract livery, which features whole colour blocks in sections as opposed to intertwining them. Here, Mickey is present as a chalked mock-up and even has a jazzy set of multicoloured Wayfarer sunglasses as his choice of wardrobe malfunction. He’s forgiven since it happens to us all from time to time. 

The fifth and final street design is influenced by urban graffiti references to Mickey, and includes various quotes from the world’s most adorable mouse such as "just being me".

CEO of Fiat, Oliver Francois, said: “We have so much more in common than a name: DNA, authenticity, the importance of bringing people simplicity, warmth, and joy. The value of letting people see the world and the future with a smile and optimism is the way to get connected with a younger audience.”

Meanwhile, the country manager of Disney for Italy and Turkey, Daniel Frigo, commented: “This love for Italy has inspired us to forge a relationship based on respect and trust with both Italians and Fiat. We are truly honoured to be able to celebrate our 100th anniversary with this magical moment that brings Fiat and Topolino together once again, in the spirit of creativity and the bond of friendship."

Citroën Ami, are you watching?

STORY Shafiq Abidin

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