Here's the stunning Pagani Imola Roadster

By topgear, 26 November 2023

Here's the stunning Pagani Imola Roadster

The initial plan was to mirror the Imola Coupe but that was binned in favour of honouring the Huayra R. And lo, we must welcome the Pagani Imola Roadster, “the best-performing open-top the brand has ever created”.

Much like the Zonda’s refusal to go quietly into the Italian sunset, it appears the Huayra – superseded by the Utopia of course – has also been reanimated. Like, really reanimated.

Partly because nestled inside that one-off design sits an uprated version of the 6.0-litre, twin-turbo V12 made by AMG specifically for Pagani. In this iteration, it punches out 850hp and 1100Nm of torque, delivered through a 7spsd Xtrac sequential gearbox and out through the rear wheels.

There’s a six-pipe titanium exhaust system attempting to make a turbocharged V12 sound interesting, and Pagani reckons the new Roadster not only sounds 'astonishing', but is able to accelerate with the force of 2g and touch over 350km/h flat out.

Though top speed isn’t the aim here, the focus instead is better aero efficiency. It's clearly chewed up the word 'elegant' and spat out 'lap-times'. “Every line and surface of the Imola Roadster was designed with the goal of reaching 600kg of downforce at 280km/h,” explains Pagani.

So the design team embiggened the front air intakes and the dual warm air outlet, while wheel arch openings are said to help reduce pressure and give the car more stability.

Despite there being no roof, there is a roof scoop, sucking in great lumps of air for the V12, while that central fin helps stabilise the car.

There are new taillights, new rear wheel arch air vents, a new rear diffuser and a rather mighty rear wing. All of this is spun off Pagani’s ‘Carbo-Titanium’ tub “which is firmer than ever”, and thanks to its use of composite materials helps the Imola Roadster weigh in at just 1,260kg.

A Ford Fiesta carrying a sandwich probably weighs more. Heck, the special paint first seen on the Imola Coupe helps save 5kg alone.

The wheels are special forged items wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres, which of course points to this car’s road-going status: despite being a bewinged and finned V12 track-monster, it’s actually road-legal.

Hence why the interior gets a seven-channel audio system, embossed leather, carbo-wood trim and of course, Pagani’s exquisite attention to detail.

Although, one detail remains curiously absent – its price. We know Pagani is building just eight of these Imola Roadsters, so expect something in the millions, and likely sold out.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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