Ferrari's V12 Spider, the 812 GTS makes landfall in Singapore

By davidkhoo, 19 June 2020

Singapore – It doesn't matter how many times we've seen the 812 GTS – Ferrari's first production front-engined V12 convertible in yonks (the rest have mostly been one-off special projects) – we're still blown away each and every time.

For us, the elemental 812 GTS's allure transcends mere technical specifications, not that the 800hp/718Nm mustered by the nat-asp 6.5-litre V12 is anything to sniff at.

Ferrari V12s are a special breed of beast, and you'll never understand the appeal unless you've driven one in anger, or heard one driven in anger.

Discreet details abound in the curves and contours of its exterior styling, and the 812 GTS's classically elegant proportions and beautiful 'fastback' silhouette – thanks to the flying buttresses that house the retractable hard-top – result in a snap-worthy perfect picture from every angle.

Like every other Ferrari, the 812 GTS doesn't rely on brash slashes and cuts or loud lurid colours to make an aesthetic statement, which explains why it hits us hard in the feels even in the display car's Grigio GTS 'launch colour'. In fact, we've yet to see a colour that doesn't work on the car!

(Does it feel like Ferrari has been binge-launching new models? Ferrari's Head of Marketing, Enrico Galliera tells us more HERE)

Effectively a drop-top 'Spider' version of the brand's V12 front-engined Coupe – the 812 Superfast – the 812 GTS boasts a similar sub-3secs 0-100km/h timing and 340+km/h top speed, so ya'know, you can either have your hair ruffled by a breeze in town traffic, or a full-blown hurricane when the red mist descends! The like-for-like performance is no mean feat considering the Spider is 120kg heavier than its coupe counterpart.

(How 'superfast' is the 812 Superfast? Click HERE for our First Drive)

The 812 GTS's roof deploys in about 14secs even if the car is travelling at speeds of up to 45km/h, so you don't have to stick the car in park to raise/drop the retractable hard-top. Like the other modern Spiders, you can also lower the rear 'screen' with the roof up to enjoy the full fury of the V12 soundtrack.

As far as top-down V12 driving thrills go, this is a S$1.56m (before COE and options) alternative to Ferrari's other topless V12, the Monza (from Ferrari's Icona range of sportscars). However, that's pretty much unobtanium to most (even if you have the dosh), given how stringent the buying requirements for it are.

(Not sure what a Ferrari Monza is? Click HERE to find out more about it)

Even in spite of the current corona-climate, there's been keen interest in the 812 GTS, which the local Ferrari distributor, Ital Auto, hopes to convert to actual sales once showroom operations resume.


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